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Glide Bundle

Glide Bundle


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Our Glide bundle includes everything you need to minimize resistance and maximize your swell riding experience. This bundle includes:

Gliding Wing

The gliding wing is designed to maximize the efficiency of the foil when not under power. The high aspect ratio (long and skinny) and aggressive shape make this wing perfect for riding swell. When paired with the surfing tail, the glide wing excels in helping you go with the flow. Perfect for advanced riders.

Wing Specs:

Span  81.5cm
Root chord 14.5cm
Area 776cm2
Aspect ratio 8.6

Surf Stabilizer

The surfing tail is our advanced stabilizer. It provides added maneuverability to any Waydoo set up. Looking to draw lines out on the water? Need to change direction immediately? The surfing tail is the accessory for you.

Folding Prop

Waydoo’s folding propeller gives advanced riders the ability to reduce resistance and increase the efficiency of their board. When the propeller is not spinning, it folds up to keep you moving forward. This accessory is perfect for advanced riders looking to ride swell, and wake. Release the trigger and feel the glide!

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