Waydoo Flyer E-Foil FAQ

How do I care for my new Waydoo Flyer?

Regularly check the waterproof components (such as the Jet ONE Controller, the PowerFlight Cell, and the mast head) for damage and the status of each module of the power system and control system.

1. After using the product, turn off the Jet ONE Controller and PowerFlight Cell.
2. To clean the Power Assembly & Wing Set, align the water inlet of the motor mount with a fresh water pipe, and clean the motor mount for approx. 30 seconds to ensure that the motor mount is clean and free of debris. Next, clean the motor shroud, propeller, and propeller guard. Afterwards, clean the mast plug. Make sure to remove any salt, sand, or other debris that is found. Finally, clean the mast.
3. Clean the board, battery mounting position, and the mast mounting base and other parts with fresh water to ensure that there is no salt, sand, or other debris remaining. Wipe with a dry towel and let sit in a dry environment to remove the remaining water.
4. Clean the battery, battery integrated ports, and buttons with fresh water. Use a dry towel and let stand in a dry environment to remove the remaining water.
5. Clean the remote control. Pay special attention to the location of the remote control trigger. If you find that there is a jam when pulling the trigger, check whether there is any sand in the trigger. If so, rinse the sand out with clean water.
6. After cleaning, wait for the moisture of all parts to dry before putting the parts back into the package.
7. When storing this product, avoid direct sunlight. Ultraviolet rays and high temperatures will cause permanent damage to the product.
8. To ensure safety, make sure to turn off the remote control and battery when transporting this product.

What if I have a problem with my new board?

If you are experiencing problems with your Waydoo please refer to our troubleshooting guidelines, contact us, or fill out a warranty form.