Battery Charging

Standard Charging Process:

  1. Unplug all the connectors and remove any debris from the charging ports, especially of the battery.
  2. Make sure the power supply is okay. Try with another power supply if necessary.
  3. Firmly plug the charging cable into the battery and then place the battery face up on the ground. (so the weight of the battery will be put on the plug to keep it from getting loose)
  4. Make sure all the connections are tight. (the indicator light of fast charger:steady blue)
  5. Short-press the Bluetooth button to activate the charging mode. (the indicator light of fast charger: blinking blue to blinking green)
  6. Don't charge the battery right after use. (Always charge it only when the battery is cool down to avoid over-temperature).
Fast charger indicator lights:
 Steady Blue
Standby Mode
Blinking Blue Connecting Mode
Blinking Green Charging Mode
Steady Green Fully Charged
Red Protection Mode

Please see if these tips can solve the problem. If not, you will need to provide the serial number of the battery and take a video of your whole charging process for our further diagnosis.

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